Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Night - Good Night My Friends

I should have started this blog earlier in the night but as I sit here at 10:55pm on the night of the US election I have bitten my nails down to the quick and we still do not know what the result will be.

Right from the start my nerves have been on edge. McCain was up 16 - 3 at the beginning. I thought I was going to throw up. Jamie kept telling me it was too early but I was still on the edge of my seat.

To relieve my nerves I decided to play poker online but everyone that was playing was asking who was winning the election. It was people from England, France, New Zealand - the whole world it seemed is looking toward America to see what will happen next.

10:58 - the Associated Press just announced that Obama has won Florida

11:00 pm - MSNBC just announced Obama as winner!!!!

There are still so many states still to count (CA, OR, WA, MT, ID, NV, AZ CO,) the list goes on. too many to count but still they are giving the election to Obama. I'm not too sure that McCain will step down just yet but its very exciting. It's 294 - 145 right now so there is no way that OBAMA can lose (even if they fight over Florida).

WOW - I thought I was going to be up all night waiting for a result. This was so sudden.

History has been made tonight! 40 years from when Martin Luther King's speech and look at us now! amazing.

All eyes will be on Obama to ensure that he steps up to the plate and makes his time in this office the best that it can be.

I am so happy to have seen this in person. For it to happen in my life time is unfathomable! How far we have come. Lets take this momentum forward as America comes together to heal and grow and travel in a new direction.

I'm looking at the group of people gathered in Grant Park in Chicago waiting for Obama to make an appearance and I see a very diverse group of people. White, black, hispanic, young and old, all there to celebrate - a sea of people waving American flags with hope in their hearts.
I'm just waiting to hear Obama's acceptance speech but he probably didn't think he was going to be needed for a while yet.

11:14 Obama 306 - McCain 146 WOW (still no news from Indiana). They have announced that McCain has already conceaded to Obama by phone.

I wonder how those people I know that were so against Obama will adjust to the new president. I know that i have been playing with the idea of leaving the country if McCain got in but would I have?

11:18 McCain and Palin have taken the stage. I wonder if he will ever speak with Palin again.....Maybe she's really a democrat at heart and she was a dumb ass on purpose....

A million people at a park in Chicago have respectfully turned their eyes to the jumbo tron to watch his speech.

11:19 Obama 333 - McCain 146

11:29 Obama 333 - McCain 155

Locally NBC has sent poor Tim Malloy to Riviera Beach to be amongst "the people". He is so overwhelmed by the crowd and you can tell he's not sure what they are going to say when they get on camera - hillarious!

11:38 Obama 338 - McCain 155

11:57 Obama takes the stage for his acceptance speech!

The next 1st family of the United States of America!
Not a big fan of Michelle's dress for tonight :(

The applause lasts for at least 2 minutes

There's no secret service on stage. Very strange. But a very emotional speech about family and his best friend Michelle. Oprah is the crowd as well as Jesse Jackson. It feels like something out of a movie. a movie that is released on the 4th of July weekend (starring Will Smith!). He sounds a bit like a preacher some times though.

12:15 Speech is over but why didn't Joe Biden come on stage during the speech? he's here now and Oprah is crying!

We've been waiting for the election to be over, fed up with the negative ads and idiotic SNL skits, but now that it is over I feel deflated. Lost. what now? What will everyone argue about now?

Let's take a break and breathe and watch what will happen now.

So......as Senator McCain says, and let's hope it's his last words...........Good night My Friends!

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