Sunday, November 2, 2008

Jealousy Raises its Ugly Head

Saturday 9:00am

Jason and I had driven around for a little while trying to find a place for Jason to go vote that didn't have a huge line. Pretty impossible since the early voting stations have been experiencing 2.5 hours wait for the past 3 weeks. We decided on going to the Palm Beach County Court House where I sat outside waiting for 2 1/2 hours so that Jason could do his patriotic duty. I knew he couldn't give up the wait because I would give him a hard time so I was in for the long haul.

While I sat there I watched the people come and go on their way to vote and I realized how jealous I was. I had already committed to becoming a citizen if John McCain gets elected so that I can vote in the next election but not being able to vote this time was really making me mad. How could I wait this long without becoming a citizen of the country I have chosen to live in? I have been here 18 years - it's about time I made the effort to take the test. I've never cared before. I already pay taxes etc but now, at this time of such a divide in the community of who should be the next president I feel I need my voice heard. I have been yelling and arguing with anyone that will fight back - just as a way to get my opinon heard.

It's strange to me that I have been through so much and so many changes recently but the inability to vote is what is making me the most frustrated right now. Watching the citizens come and go through the parking lot of the courthouse I wondered "have they done their research?", "Are they making educated decisions?". Obviously not all of these people think the same as I do so I don't expect them to make the same decisions as I do but all I ask is that they have done their research and are not wasting their vote.

To be honest I can't wait til it's all over. 2 days. 2 days is all we have to wait and the only way I can put thsi jealousy to bay is to make a change in my life.

I am committing to everyone I know that I WILL become a citizen if the United States of America.

Oh and don't you be jealous cos when I get my US citizen I will also keep my British citizenship and when I travel there will be no immigration lines for me!

Good Luck to everyone and lets hope that Tuesday night brings a solution to this countries woes, whomever is elected.

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