Thursday, October 23, 2008

Is there Anyone Out There part 2


We have no way of knowing if there is such a thing.

Countries are at war over it.

People live their lives as they think God would want them to.

If there is a God how many are there? Every organized religion seems to have their own one.

But there is no way of knowing if there is such a thing.

What has inspired this bout of blogging? News from the UK of course. A group of Atheists have raised some money to put ads on the sides of buses that say:

"There's probably no God. So go out and enjoy your life".

read story here:,2933,443705,00.html

Hmmmmm. It's kind of in your face isn't it? It's true - we all try to be good people, do what we think is right in our lives - but is it from a fear of God or a fear of being put in jail? There are many things that we could be doing that is not illegal but maybe not good in the eyes of God so why do we refrain from being 'bad'?

I laugh at people who only believe that we came from Adam and Eve (read Sarah Palin) because I think it's naive. But I do believe in God. I am a strong believer in evolution. How much of a hand did God play in that? These are things, believe it or not, that I haven't spent much time thinking about.

I'm not a fan of organized religion like Catholicism. From what I can see it is based on fear. I am more spiritual thinking, along the lines of Karma etc. If we are all led to believe there is no higher power and we can go out and enjoy life - what ever way that takes you - what role would your conscience play? I can't imagine a scenario of dying and getting met at the pearly gates to see where I'm going to end up. But I do believe that we have more than one life. I would like to think that I will exist for more than 80 odd years (or how ever many years I'll live this time around). what a waste your life would be if you only got to do it once. What about all the lessons we learn throughout our lives? what good are they if we don't come back and try again?

I knew someone years ago who's family were big church people (they were Christian Scientists). He would say that if ever he found out he was terminally ill he would spend his last years/months going around killing drug dealers etc. I think he thought that would be useful (or noble). He wasn't worried about be put in jail since he was dying anyway and he didn't seem worried about answering to God either so what's the point of the facade of going to church? I wonder if that ever happened how his conscience would hold up.

I don't really have an opinion on the conversation around should we pray in school, should we remove "In God We Trust" from our money - maybe we should change that to "In Warren Buffet We Trust" - what difference does it make? If you're a believer does it gave you solace to see it on your money? If you're a non-believer it's only words.........

Somewhere in the Middle East (sorry not sure where) a British citizen was killed for trying to promote Christianity. Why? Why would someone go to a country that is so obviously not Christian and try to convert people? What is it that convinces people that everyone should be of one religion? What right does someone have to tell me what I or anyone else should believe. I have no sympathy for these people (missionaries). If a country invites Christians (or other belivers) to their country to help them spread the word fine, that country should be held responsible for the safety of these people. But I don't see that happening do you? American's are outraged that Muslims are trying to spread the word over here, trying to recruit more Muslims - don't they see that is exactly what they are doing in other parts of the world????? Crazy!

Enough I say!

Believe what you want to get you through the day!

Don't expect to convince someone to change their beliefs because of your opinion (I have taken this on board myself recently re: the election)

Enjoy your life - because it could be the only one you have!

But if you are in my circle please be kind :)

Love yas!

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