Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What If.......

What if Barack Obama's name was Robert Jones?

What if Barack Obama was white?

What if Barack Obama was 15 years older?

Would he be more acceptable?

It's exactly 4 weeks to the Presidential election. That's 28 days. and I am still sick to my stomach when I think of it.

How can the minds of so many people be changed to a less biased outlook so they can see the politics and not the color of a man skin in 28 days?

How can we convey the importance of this election and how the United States of America will be seen by the World once this election is over, in 28 days?

Is it really the color of the man's skin and his name and his youth that have people looking to vote for McCain? Are they really that shallow that they can't see past these things?

Here's What I believe:

1. If McCain is elected as President the World will realize just how shallow this country is. They know that Obama has a wider view of the World and will bring change. Even if he doesn't bring change - at least we would have moved from the republican mindset that has corrupted this Nation for the past 8 years. The World is looking for us to change. The World is looking for us to be less of a bully to other Nations and I believe that Barack Obama will offer these things.

2. I believe the stock market will not stabilize until the election is complete. When I say complete I mean when Palm Beach (Florida) finally counts it's votes and that could be the end of December or even into January! If the decision is not clear prior to the Inauguration date the Speaker of the House stands in (and that's a Woman!) After the vote the market will stabilize. If Obama is elected the market will rise! If it's McCain I think the World will be scared and confidence will continue to drop.

3. McCain is against stem-cell research - The World is surpassing us in education and Science. Another 4 years of anti stem-cell etc will put us WAY behind the World. This is his religious beliefs that are obstructing an unbiased opinion.

4. Palin is against abortion - even if it's for a woman that is raped or even incest! This is her Christian beliefs getting in the way of Government. Just because she believes this is against God does not entitle her to tell me what is moral for me.

5. McCain doesn't know how many houses he owns. Ok his wife has money - a lot of it - but this just shows how disconnected he is from the Nation and the Middle Class. He thought that it would take a citizen to have $5,000,000 (that's 5 million dollars) for them to be rich! WHAT???? He has no clue. Barack and Michelle Obama have one car that they share. McCain has 13 cars!

6. McCain wants to protect the rich. Obama wants to tax anyone that earns over $250,000. The rich are complaining. If you can't afford to pay taxes on $250,000 you are living way above your means. This was a main concern for the financial mess we are in today. People living above their means.

7. Palin doesn't have a clue! At the VP Debate last week she didn't answer one question. Yes she did well - as in she didn't stand there like a dear in headlights as expected - but she could not answer one single question. She had a list of things to say and she avoided the questions by spouting off what her trainers told her to say. And what VP in the past has ever given a "Shout Out" to any one? Ridiculous!

8. If John McCain is elected he will not make it through 4 years. And you all know what that means. Palin would be our Commander in Chief! COMMANDER IN CHIEF for God's sake! For that reason alone there shouldn't be any votes for McCain!

9. John McCain wants to deregulate Health Insurance and give us all $5,000 to buy our own health care! Is he crazy? You can't get decent health care for $5,000 a year for a family! Through the company I work for the rate for someone my age (39) was going to be over $600 per month - that's just for me! No family coverage. Reason - My age and because I am a woman and I might get pregnant! This rate is through an employer so it is heavily discounted! I had to go with an independant coverage and swear that I would not get pregnant and if I did agree that they would not cover it! That I got for $225 per month. There are not many people out there that need individual coverage and don't plan on getting pregnant. One of my co-workers has coverage for himself and his 2 girls. His discounted coverage is just over $1,000 per month. So where is John Mccain getting his numbers from? Yes if he deregulates insurance we can shop around but what kind of coverage will we end up with?

I get so frustrated with the whole situation. Maybe I'm ignorant. Maybe I'm wrong. Write in the comment section below. I would love to hear what everyone thinks.

I just ask for people to be open minded. See passed the color and listen to the facts. Do you want the World to look at us as a laughing stock?

What's important to you?


janson said...

I loved your blog! It's like you are in my head. The hard-headed Republicans who are only voting McCain just because they are "REPUBLICAN" is such a disgrace! Research the candidates--and not just internet e-mail forwards...really RESEARCH! Then make a choice. But make it on facts and make it on research. Don't vote based on race and the fact that you think Obama is a terorrist! Come on people!

Supercalafragi-Mikey said...

Here's hoping the Mendes clan read this....