Thursday, October 16, 2008

New TV Line Up

I've decided to take a break from the election. Not just for my sanity but also because I know you mist be bored with my rantings :) My next favorite subject is TV!!! I love TV and I had to get rid of our TiVo earlier this year; cutting back on expenses and also because I was addicted to too many shows!!!! Here's my favs this year:

Grey's Anatomy - Thursday ABC 9:00pm - Love it! I know all the back and forth "I love you" no "I love someone else" stuff has been seen before in many other shows but I like how the characters interact with each other. Susan's new boyfriend, Jackson, is in hospital right now (real life) in critical condition after a motorcycle accident. He has a head injury and swelling on the brain!

Survivor - Thursday CBS 8:00pm - Didn't watch this last year but missed it :( So decided to put it on my list of "what to watch"

Amazing Race - Sunday CBS 8:00pm (after football) - Never missed a season! Still fantasize about entering but I need to be in better shape before I even consider it. What a blast. 30 days to travel around the world and experience different cultures!

House - Tuesday Fox 8:00pm - Not only is he British (fake American accent) but he's arrogant and funny. I wish there was a real one of these cos I would send Judi to find out what is wrong with her!!!!! I think Judi might stump him though :)

ER - Thursday NBC 10:00pm - final season! Didn't really watch this last year either but thought it deserved my attention for the last season. Jason hates this show because of all the ridiculous accidents that happen (cue helicopter slamming into parking lot etc). Gaby is leaving tonight :(

Eli Stone - Tuesday ABC 10:00pm - This was a bit of a sleeper last year. I didn't catch mane episodes on TV but watched them on-line. It's right up my alley. Kind of kookie with a bit of psychic stuff thrown in. If you liked Ali McBeal back in the day this is for you.

Heroes - Monday NBC 9:00pm - of course! how could I nearly forget Heroes. Love it. So confusing. Don't watch if you're easily distracted or if you have a husband that will stand there and say "I don't get it" "what's going on now?" "Why is she a bad one now?" Argh!

Life on Mars - Thursday ABC 10:00pm - Another show that originated in the UK. Was highly rated over there and had a huge following. First show was aired last week. Looks good but I will hold out for a few more episodes before I give it my stamp of approval

Worst Picks....

Knight Rider

Of all the shows that are out there - this is the worst. The worst acting, the worst action, the worst special effects. Don't waste your time.

If you need to catch up on some shows you've missed try these sites:

This has a list of many shows from across the stations

These are all specific to the station they are broadcast on

So that's it for today from TV Land.

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