Monday, October 20, 2008

Is There Anyone Out There?

A recent story from England, UK states that a passenger jet nearly collided with a UFO has got me thinking! click here to read story:,2933,440946,00.html (fox news) (bbc news)

I read last week that the DOT have been trying to push through a retro fit for Passenger planes to be fitted with a new GPS system that would be more accurate and stop the zig zagging that they need to do as they cross country. This would not only save on fuel costs for the airlines but be safer - as no pesky UFOs would be able to sneak up on them in the sky!! The airlines of course have been fighting this change as it would cost beacoup bucks! and by cutting fuel costs would mean they would have to cut the costs to passengers.

As technology evolves many changes will need to take place. As the flying cars, that we've all been promised since the 60's, become available and now air traffic from other planets - that obviously don't follow the rules by asking for clearance - the skies will become overly populated.

My nephew, Scott, has always dreamt of being an air traffic controller. No amount of arguing how stressful it is or under paid it is will sway him. He's looked into the school he needs to attend in England and he now has a new video simulator (like flight simulator) but it's from the controller's end. But I doubt they are focusing on the multi-dimension aspect of air traffic. Is there an under cover department of transportation that has thought of this and are developing their skills as I type? Or maybe we will drop our biases and hire an alien (read not Mexican) for the job, with more experience, probably speaks the dialect of many planets etc.

I'm not of the mind set that we are the only ones out here. How could that be? That's like believing we were all born from Adam and Eve! I saw a T-shirt the other day that said "Palin thinks Dinosaurs were Jesus' ponies" hee hee

Are you a believer?

If you are or if you're not, be on the look out for strange things in the air. Don't be in too much of a rush for flying cars , there's no regulation and worse - no room for Superman!

Like they say in Louisiana................. Bayou

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