Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Idea

I've been thinking about the election - a lot! The lead up to it is getting nasty. "he did this" and "he did that". All we want to hear about is what are they GOING to DO for the country when they are President? Not who they spoke with back in college.

So I have an idea that won't work for this election as it is too close but definately should be proposed for the next one.

- Each candidate will be given a house in the suburbs to live with their family

- They will be told that they earn $35,000 per year
- They don't have to earn this money but they are not allowed to use any other money to live on.

- They will need to pay the mortgage on the house

- go out and buy groceries (not send someone else)

- pump their own gas

- etc

Basically live like any other American. This can be done before we narrow it down to a candidate for each party so they have time to do this - it also stops them from campaigning soooo much (which is a drag!)

This little experiment (like Survivor) will let us see which of the candidates has their finger on the pulse. It will bring them back to realty instead of them being chauffeured around and living in their big mansion with all their money. They will get a hands on experience of what is going on.

Can you imagine McCain trying to live under these perameters? He doesn't know how much a tank of gas costs. He's never had to struggle (or he forgets cos he's so damn old!).

This would be a great test of their abilities to handle the budget and make decisions.

What a plan! I wonder how I get this passed in Congress??????

Trying to stay sane for 26 more days!

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