Thursday, September 4, 2008


You know my blogging started after reading Adrian's blog re: Bone Marrow donation (who have never called me back by the way!). Now I'm talking about organ donors.

I've always opted to be an organ donor on my driver's license and I always make sure every one in my life knows that I want to be an organ donor when I die. I think it's very important for everyone close to you to know your stand on this issue because once you're dead they are the ones that will be making the decisions for you - and if they don't know - or feel that they can't bare for you to be cut up and distributed around - they might not do it!

Now how do you feel about knowing where an organ came from? If you, or a family member, needed an organ would you care where it came from? obviously it would be healthy - the tests are enormous - so that should not be a concern. but would you care if it came from another race? What if the recipient was a member of the KKK would they decline a lung or a heart if it came from a black man? I know that I wouldn't care - it would be my only hope. This is why they keep the donor/recipients seperate. I think as the years pass you can find out the particulars but what would happen then?

I'm reading a book right now called "Change of Heart". It's good. I like it. It's about a woman who's daughter and husband are killed. The murderer is sentenced to death but finds out 11 years later that the other daughter is in dire need of a heart. The murderer wants to make amends to the woman by giving his heart (upon his death) to her 2nd daughter so that she doesn't lose both. He would have to be hung instead of lethal injection but that's what he wants.

Hmmmm. What a conundrum. Would you want to grant this man his dying wish? Would you want to have your daughter walking around with a killer's heart inside her? Would you want to take the chance that another heart comes along on time?

Hopefully these are not issues any of us will have to consider.

Along these lines, I am praying for the Republican party to be kicked out of the White House this November. Amongst many other things, I do not follow their party lines re: stem cell research. They think it's against God. I think if there is a God he would want us to do what we could to further science etc. I don't appreciate how they have delayed the research and this is ONE of the reasons I think they should go. There is too much religion in politics when the Republicans are in office. If you are personally against stem cell research and using the benefits that come along with it then it should be your choice to say "no" whenever you are given the choice to use it to save your life. We have all been given free will and when a government is telling you what to believe, what to eat etc we are in BIG trouble! Did you know that Sarah Palin does not believe in Evolution?

Anyway, I digress!


Please honor my wishes when the time comes!

Love ya!


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