Saturday, June 7, 2008

Another Sunny Day

Day 3: Hey Yawl! Yup another beautiful sunny day in Florida - not that I would know.... didn't get out of bed to noon!!! Dropped by my in-laws for lunch where my fab husband decided to sleep for most of the day! SO now we are on our way to play poker at John's house and I'm blogging in the car. Don't ya love air cards? You can get on-line absolutely anywhere! Hopefully the J-man will try to stay awake while we take his money off him :)

So gas prices are not going down anytime soon. I paid $4.09 a gallon (regular) last night :( so I thought I would share some tips to save on gas. You may have heard some of these before but it's good to remind yourself.

1. Don't take off from the light too fast! - You burn the most fuel at those points of your journey

2. Try to stay at around 65 miles per hour - for every 5 mpr over 65 you are spending approx 20 cents more per gallon!!!!! and lets face it - it's not going to get you there MUCH faster

3. Fill up at night - gas expands with the heat during the day so you are actually getting much less gas for your money

4. Fill up on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - prices go up on the weekend as it's used more

5. Check the air in your tires - if the tires are not at the correct pressure there's some kind of drag and your car doesn't perform to it's best. Not sure of the terms as I'm just a girl!

6. Price look low? - Some gas stations are offering a lower price if you pay in cash. Before you pump your gas check to see if there are any special offers posted to pay cash. I know it's a pain to actually go inside - that's why we all use credit/debit but if it's going to save you 6 cents a gallon it might be worth it!

I would tell you all to car pool or ride your bike more but come on who's kidding who????? I know that ain't happening! This is going to gone for some time to come so let's all try to save a little money!

p.s. - I know we are lucky in America - there are a lot of places with MUCH higher prices but you all have options like public transportation (bus, train, subway etc) so stop your bitching! If I could take the bus I would - it would save me a bunch!

p.p.s. if you know of other tips pass them along

See you all tomorrow!

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