Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blood is Thicker

Family is so important. My family is arriving tomorrow from Scotland and I am so excited. I haven’t seen them in a whole year! I’m sure my nephew Craig has grown (maybe not mentally but certainly physically)

Family is important because it places you. It gives you heritage and lineage and a history to stem yourself from. And although it teaches you what you were born into it does not teach you what you were born to be.

It may allow you to learn what you don’t want to be……….

We all have people in our family that we would prefer to think of as acquaintances. People that you would cross the street so as not to talk to or be seen talking to. We get to an age (usually around 15) when we start making decisions in our lives. Who are our friends? What do I want to do when I leave school? Who influences me? Who do I look up to? It’s also a time, unfortunately, when we turn our backs on family. A lot of that is to do with the fact that up until that age your parents drag you to all the family functions and to visit aunts/uncles etc. when you come to an age where you are making choices for yourself you feel that you would rather spend time with your friends and start to spend less time with family. Next thing you know your cousins have kids, and you don’t know their names and you only see family at weddings and funerals.

I’ve been thinking of this recently because I just found out that my cousin, Joanne, has a 10 year old daughter that has just been diagnosed with a brain tumor! Wow! I used to spend time with Joanne, at dance class from what I remember, and now she has a daughter that I didn’t even know existed. I don’t even know this little girl’s name. How sad. How can you lose track of your own family? An excuse for me could be that I live so far away – but that is no excuse! Not in this day of technology. Not that I want to be involved, per se, in what my family is up to – but I should at least know what the branches of the trees are doing!

My mom just told me that this little girl made it through an 8 hour operation but started hemorrhaging so they couldn’t remove the whole tumor (size of golf ball). A biopsy was made so I guess they will wait til they get the results (in about 10 days) to see what their next step is.

Choices are made in life. How they affect your life is something that needs to be seen. You may feel you have made bad decisions but you don’t know what your life would have been like otherwise (good or bad). Never hesitate to correct a wrong. If you feel that you can. It’s never too late – until it’s too late!

You decide what your life will look like. Will it be thick with family, and friends - that are your family of choice? Or thin with acquaintances that give you nothing in return?

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