Thursday, June 5, 2008

My very 1st blog!

So, I've been inspired by a young 25 year old man from England that is dying of cancer. I came across his blog online and have been drawn to it every day. Please take a few moments to visit his blog and see what I'm talking about He's very compelling - when you go to his blog, check out the recent blog area to the right and start at the bottom of the list. He updates very frequently so to get a feel for what he's going through it's best to start at the bottom. I hope that once you read his story you will be motivated to do something to help!

Anyway, All that aside why have I started a blog? I don't have anything to share (in particular) but still I feel like I want to share. Life is a funny thing. With high highs and low lows. The world is in a mess right now and I don't think I know anyone that's not being affected by it in some way. And the funniest thing about that is that EVERYONE is pretending to be doing fine. Is there ever going to be an end? I know there is - as all things have a beginning, a middle and an end.....but I hope people are not holding out for the BIG ELECTION because that is a joke. I haven't heard anyone say how they will solve this gas issue or the mortgage issue. If you've heard anything please let me know so that I can have SOME hope. Keeping your spirits up is exhausting but if you let yourself dwell in the sadness it's enough to put you over the edge. Now this is is sounding depressing but for anyone that knows me knows one thing.... I'm a straight talker. There's no beating around the bush with me. Not all my blogs will be political or depressing so stick around. I'm just going to talk.

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stevekat said...

Very nice, keep on writing. We need to know what's happening in your neck of the woods.