Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In the News

Day 7: So not much going on the last few days. I've just been haging out and watching a couple of good movies. ON Sunday I watched one of my all time favorite's "Princess Bride" - I love it! Watched that while I did my ironing, so time went by pretty quickly. Then the other night Jason and I watched Closer. I know it's been out for a few years but I never seem to rent movies. When this first came out I was warned not to watch it. And again when I told a friend I had rented it I was told not to watch it. I don't understand. I thought it was a great movie. It was a bit confusing with the jumping around of time etc. but I thought the characters were great (especially Clive Owens - he was a real b.......). Jason liked it too - there was some good laughs in it I thought. Anyway, I'm looking forward to Hancock coming out over 4th July weekend. It looks amazing!

We've had so much rain these past few days and the thunder is driving my poor dog insane. He sapends most of his time in the closet covered in clothes and pillows etc. He won't come out for anything even an hour after the storm has passed. I often wonder what he went through in that puppy farm. All puppy farms should be distroyed. Please, if you're looking for a new dog - go to the pound and get one - PLEASE do not get a pure bred from a store or a breeder. Did you know that pure breds and in-bred (I'm sure you do). this only means that any problems that breed of dog has (hip displatia etc) is compounded as it's bred over and over again. whereas a mix breed can help fix those problems. There are so many abandoned dogs out there (and cats) .... the new law in Palm Beach is great! Everyone MUST neuter or spay their animal unless you are a registered breeder. Hopefully this will cut down on the issue.

So there have a few bizarre items in the news recently. There was a man that was on a skydiving plane (just to watch) that jumped out without a parachute. He died. Seemingly he had been asking his co-workers about the best way to die even asking if it would be best to skydive without a parachute! Jason thinks that you would have a heart attack before you hit - but I don't agree. Do you remember the Australian guy that jumped and his parachute didn't open. He landed in a bush and survivied!!!! If your heart would give out then he would have been dead. That's my argument anyway.

I also read yesterday that a car was found on a bridge over the Hudson River and on the hood (in the dust) was written "Suicide is Painless". No-one has seen the owner of the car since. It is presumed he jumped. The owner was just sentenced to some long prison time for "stealing" $300 million (he was some kind of trader). So I think he's made it look like he's jumped but NO WAY! He's hiding out somewhere, I bet. The resuce team for that are said that of the 30 or so suicides off that bridge they have found every body except one. so the chances are the truth will "Surface" (get it?).

In Britain they are trying to make the law stronger for minors caught with knives. The knife crime in britain has been outrageous recently and if the culprit is 18 or under they just get a slap on the wrist. IN Scotland however, they have had stronger laws for a while and those culprits would get jail time. The new Prime Minister of Briatain is Scottish so he is trying to improve the country in areas he can. That's right! Let the Scots lead the way!

Oh by the way, I've been checking on Adrian ( my inspiration. He's really not doing well at all. His energy level is down to nothing, as he's not creating enough red blood cells. He's having a hard time doing everyday things, like getting out of bed. But he hasn't stopped fighting! His campaign made it to the House of Parliment today!!!!!! I would love to see something pass on time before he dies. Have you looked into becoome a bone marrow donor yet? Check here for info. I am checking into whether I can be tested or not. I cannot give blood (in US) as I lived in Britain prior to 1986. They are still scared of Mad Cow's Disease as there is no way to test for it. I'll let you know what I find out.

Love you all


Tanya said...

Ok, so I really liked the movie "Closer". Although seeing it in the theatre with you mother, mom-in-law, aunt-in-law and sister in law is NOT the best way to go...

I actually bought it (for $5) so Mike could see it too...

AND Princess Bride is one of my favorite flics. Although, I can't eat eel sushi b/c of it :-)

Anonymous said...

A fugitive hedge-fund swindler who faked suicide on a Hudson River bridge and went on the run to avoid a prison sentence surrendered Wednesday in Massachusetts, the U.S. attorney's office said.

Samuel Israel turned himself into Southwick, Mass., police between 9:15 and 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, said Suzanne Anderson, police Chief Mark Krynicki's assistant. She said he was being processed at Southwick Police headquarters and referred all further questions to federal authorities.