Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mad World

Day 15: The World is completely mad - if you read the news. I try to read the news every day. not just watch it on TV because they never show you the bizarre stuff that I'm going to mention below. Reading about crazy people always let's me appreciate the good people I have in my life. I was reading the other day about one of the women that was involved in the Manson Cult that is dying and wants let out of prison to die with family and friends. 1st of all - how do you get involved in a situation that leads you to what happened back then? 2nd - what makes you think you have the right to die amongst family and friends when you have committed this type of act upon another human being? I don't understand why she's been left to live so long in the 1st place.

There's Something Afoot! - In the past year 5 feet (not in length, actual feet) have floated ashore in British Columbia, Canada, The most recent on Thursday of last week. 4 of these feet have been right ones, the other a left! Some are in socks, while others are in tennis shoes. There have been no news of the ethnicity of the feet and they are testing the one left foot to see if it matches (DNA) with any of the right feet! How bizarre! Another foot was discovered last week but was soon found to be a hoax (an animal paw skeleton stuffed in a sock inside a shoe!!!) So is it a serial killer? Organized crime? Body parts of people from a crash or a sunken boat? Will we ever know? Probably not because if you're not reading it online they won't be telling you on National news! I'll keep you posted!
Tastes Like Chicken!: A man recently in the Czech Republic installed a baby cam to watch over his new born baby. Instead of getting pictures of his baby he could see 2 people locked in a cage. It turns out that people on his street belonged to some cult that ate the flesh off other people. His neighbors had locked their teenage children in a cage and periodically would slice pieces of flesh from them and feed them to other members of the cult. The man with the camera called the authorities who came and saved the children. The cult members also had a camera on the cage so they could watch the enslaved children from other parts of the house - therefore causing a cross transference of images from one home to the other.

lesson learned - if you are using video in your home - make sure the image is encrypted!!!

So I think I've mentioned our friendly racoon before. He comes at night and watches us through our sky light in the living room. Well he came and paid us a visit on Friday night and we managed to get it on video. Unfortunately the video won't upload here so here are some photos. take a look at this "ballsy" little critter. He's certainly not scared of us! I hope our sky light never falls in! :)

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