Thursday, June 12, 2008

To-Marrow! To-Marrow! We Love Ya To-Marrow!

Day 8: So great news! I heard back from the National Marrow Donor Program ( and they say I can donate! They don't follow the same guidlines as the blood donor folks. If I match with a patient it would be up to the doctor and the patient to decide if they wanted it. It's a great process with plenty of options and think you should all look into it. Unfortunately there is no local donation centers so I have asked the Program how I can set up a "Drive" (similar to a blood drive) at my job. I will keep you all informed because I know you'll all want to be there. :)

On another note, Jason and I went down to our pond to feed the fish. Even with this drought and the pond being so low the fish are still thriving. Take a look at these photos. We have Koi, Carp, Walking Carp, Bass, Catfisk, Tilapia, Brim and of course turtles!!!!! We love it out here.

In the news today....... A 7 year old Romanian boy has been taken into care due to the fact that he is 220 lbs!!!!!! He is from a low income family and lives on bread and lard . Hopefully he will be put on a proper diet and exercise plan but when he gets sent back to his family - what will he do then? Can you imagine a 220 lb 7 yr old !!!! It's so sad :( you can only image the state his arteries are in. I really should get myself an exercise plan. I keep threatening to get on my treadmill everyday after work but I can't seem to get into a schedule :(

I had a conversation today about the movie "The Bucket List" I haven't seen it yet but I know it's about 2 old guys that make a list of things to do before they die. What do I want to do before I die? I know there is a ton of places I want to go to but what do I want to do? I would love to eat in a Gordon Ramsey restaurant with Gordon Ramsey! I love him :) He's Scottish you know! I would love to climb the bridge in Sydney Harbor (Australia), I'm not sure what else. Do you have a list?

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