Friday, June 6, 2008

Bad Boys, Bad Boys!

The title of my Blog is "a Day in the Life of a Scot" and I am attempting to add a post EVERY day! There will be photos, maybe video etc so come back and check in on my life. And if your motivated click on the comment link at the bottom so we can hear your feed back.

Day 2: I was getting ready for bed last night. Jason was out and I was home alone. It was about 11:15pm and I started hearing a car honk it's horn. I thought it was from the TV so ignored it for the first few times, then got curious and looked outside. Most of you have not seen my house but it's suffice to say it's dark out there at night! At the end of the driveway I saw a car start to back out on to the street. I called J and asked if he knew who it could be but he didn't. While I kept him on the phone I decided to walk down at see who it was that was making so much noise at that time of night (in my PJs no less!). It was a cab! The driver (who I discovered later was called Roger) asked me to pay the fair for the guy that he just dropped off. I told him that no-one was dropped off at this house and he had made a mistake. He told me that indeed he had dropped of a tall, skinny guy who said he was going to the house to ask his wife for the fare and he watched this guy walk up to my door! Oh My God I thought.... while I was heading down to speak to this guy some "tall, skinny guy" was in my house! J had been on the phone all this time and at this point informed me that I should call the police and that he was on his way home. Now, I'm known as quite outgoing but when it comes to the police I've discovered i'm very conservative. I called the local police dept and was told I was not in their juristiction and I needed to call the sheriff dept. I got their # and called them and after going through several automated prompts I got to speak to someone who then transfered me to someone else! When I eventually got the right person on the phone I tried to explain that there was someone on my property and that I was home alone. I was told they were right around the corner and would be there quickly. 30 minutes went by with no sign of a cop, or the intruder! just me and Roger (the cabbie) standing in the dark at the end of my driveway (me in my PJs!). So now here comes J (got there before the cops!) and he and his buddy John (who came to help) think they can hunt this guy down! they're in the bushes with sticks and flash lights hollering for the guy to show himself. The cabbie by this time has decided he was wasting his time and wants to leave. He gives me all his info cos there's still no sign of the cops. We're confused. where are they?

Well it turns out if you don't call 911 (like your husband tells you to) the cops have other things to do. So now we make another call - this time to 911. While on the call another call comes in to 911 with the same description of the guy we gave (clothing, height etc) from another house on my street! Suddenly there's 3 cop cars zooming down the road to our house. The pull up (unceremoniously) and ask who are you? where is your husband? Where is the machete? Oh I might have missed that bit out..... Jason had told the cops that if he found the guy on our property 1st he would not hesitate to use a machete on him! So we told the nice policeman that there was no machete and he told us to stay where we were and he would be back. It turns out one of my neighbors has a STALKER! this guy has been warned before but he was soooooo out of his head he didn't know what he was doing or which house his stalkee lived in! He'd been dropped off at the wrong house! Now it's 1 am and I'm exhausted but we needed to finish up with the report. When we asked if this guy had any kind of background we were told "oh yeah! Drug abuse, alcohol abuse and he's a registered transvestite!" I didn't know they could tell people this stuff! So now we have a case # in case this guy shows up again. At least I know he's not looking to steal my clothes - he's much taller than me :)

So the moral of the story is........

1. When you need help - call 911!
2. Be careful what you get caught doing because people like to share your most intimate secrets!
3. Get to know your neighbors (and your neighbors crazy acquaintances) so you know what to expect in the wee hours of the morning.

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