Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Blame it on The Media

Day 12: What happened to my TV? Where have all my good shows gone? I hate the off season of TV. I miss my Desperate Housewives, I miss Grey's Anatomy I miss lots of things :( So don't hold this against me - I blame it on the media...... Last night as a last resort I made J sit down and watch all my old dancing videos! All the way from when I was about 12 thru I was in college! OMG! Bless him! He didn't even complain. Except to mention that no-one had videoed (or saved any video) of him when he was skating in competion! I would gladly have watched that! So he's really quite lucky! It's quite embarassing reliving your past but there was nothing else to do! I say we start a petition.

We need to pay for cable all year round. they should have to provide us with entertainment all year round! We've stopping using Tivo/DVR and I've still seen all the re-runs they are showing now - I don't get it :( The BBC is getting their feet held to the fire right now because most of their news is focused on Southern England even though the whole country needs to pay the same amount to watch TV. What do the people in Yorkshire care about what's going on in London? We should do the same here!

Or maybe I should find something else to do instead of sitting in front of the TV........

My family are coming from Scotland next week for a visit and I can't wait to see them! And Scott (whom I've mentioned before) is leaving for India in 2 days!!!!!!! What an exciting time :) It never fails to amaze me how people travel these days. When I was growing up the furthest we got was an RV park near the beach (in Scotland or Northern England). But those were fun times! 4 kids and our parents squished into a 2 bedroom RV for a week or 2. We didn't even know who Walt Disney was back then! I don't remember the details of those vacations too well - I only have some photos of us smiling - so we must have been having a great time! Right? Why is it so hard to remember the past? The bad times usually make an impact and can be conjured up at any time (unwanted), but the good times are harder to bring forward. It's just a vague feeling of happiness without the details. I heard of a woman recently that can remember every detail of every day since she was 13 years old. She was on the Today Show not long ago and she could pick any day in her life and tell you exactly what happened, what she was wearing etc. (she had it documented in a journal to verify). She said it was like a movie reel constantly running in her head recording what was going on around her. Now that would be a pain! I'm not sure that would be better than not remembering anything - but can't there be somewhere in between? I don't want to go nuts - I just want to relive the fun moments in life.

I think that I need to be more present in the present. More aware of my life as it passes so as not to miss the good parts as they go. More appreciative of what I have and whomever is in my life at the moment instead of it just washing over me (like a TV show).


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Anonymous said...

Maybe instead of watching dance videos you guys should have been working on the house!!!!! I had to get a barb in before leaving for NY.....