Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Crappening!

Day 9: J and I went to the movies today - which is a small wonder as J NEVER goes to the movies. But it was a movie he wanted to see - "The Happening". M. Night Shamalan movie, who I usually love (Signs, Unbreakable, The Village) - but this one really was crap! The premise of the movie was good but the acting sucked the big one. Mark Wahlberg is the main character and I think that was a big mistake. So save your movie money, even save your video rental money and I would even go as far as to say save your time (when it comes on TV) and don't watch this.

It was nice to be in a movie theatre with my husband though . Why is it that when you go to the movies early to get a good seat, right as the lights go down a group of noisy eaters come in a sit right behind you (kicking your seat) and another group comes in a sit right in front of you ( so you can't put your feet up)?? There are all these empty seats all around but they end up right in your face.

Talking about The Crappening, we went to visit John and Tracey the other night. Well John cos Tracey was still at work. Baby Lola was taking a nap but woke up just as we got there. I ran up to her room to get her and when I opened the door - POW! The smell of Poopy diaper was in the air. Now those that know me well will not believe the next part........ Without hesitation I picked her up and put her on her changing table. I deftly kept her busy while whipping off that (dry heave) diaper. WOW - how does someone so little and so cute make such a smell?????? I am proud to say that I changed that diaper and got her dressed before anyone else even knew what was going on! That is a huge achievment for me :D Maybe I can be promoted to baby sitter soon. I've earned my "Brownie" merit badge.

Talking about merit badges........... I am in awe of the weather that is trudging through the Mid-West. How much more can they take? My heart goes out to those families that lost their sons in the boy scout camp this week, and bravo to those that had the wherewithall to take care of those that were hurt.

With us being in the beginning of Hurricane Season I guess it's a good lesson to "Be Prepared"!

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